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Today I'm learning about Perl Dancer2 for making little web apps. So far I have the basic hello world app working on port 5000 of my local Raspberry Pi Zero W computer, but I want to changet that server to port 8080 so that I can see what I'm making over the real internet out of my house and into my work computer.

Not successful yet but I have a lot of documentation to read through before I can really apply this stuff to something I'm doing at work.


This was supposed to be part of my blog rotation yesterday but I didn't take the time to write in here because of all the other things I had to do at work and I went out for my lunch hour to buy fish food. I've been pretty good at updating a single blog every day so far though. I have them all listed out in my iPhone calendar. Along with my mechanical pencil rotation which I dutifully fullfill when I'm at work. All of these little goals are harder to accomplish during the weekend, when family priorities take over.

Here are some notes I took yesterday while I was waiting for a computer to finish installing some LabView software.

Jerry's Artarama has a good price on clutch pencil lead at $2.69 for 6 pieces. That's the cheapest I have found locally. Online is a different story but you kinda have to buy bulk. Ebay is probably cheaper for bulk buys. Also have full size spiral bound dot grid notebooks from Italy which are nice. Fabriano is the name of the brand. But they cost just as much as Rhodia paper I think. Maybe Blick's Art Supplies is cheaper. They seem to be a few dollars cheaper online. One day I'll pay them a visit and find out. Jerry's also had Marune notebooks at 50% off. That's a pretty good deal. I could get a spiral bound A5 notebook for $3 and change at that discount. One of the cheapest sources for large fountain pen friendly paper right now. It's ruled instead of dot grid though. They would make nice work journal notebooks. Then I could use my fountain pen at work during meetings and projects and look pretty cool.

Arizona Art Supply had Pelikan 4001 ink cartridges. Now they only seem to carry the ink bottles. And only black ink. I wish they had some Royal blue bottles on stock. They have a better pencil selection than Jerry's, but the prices for everything are higher. They want $9 for a KUM longpoint sharpener when Jerry's sell's the exact same one for $5 and change. This store is also the only one I have found that sells Rhodia grid notepads in various sizes. Full price and very nice paper for fountain pens.

The Stockroom has Rhodia lined, dot grid, and Leuchturrm 1917 dot grid notebooks at various sizes and prices. Lots of other notebooks and Retro 51 refills too. Best place for pen and lead refills because they have the largest variety.


I wish I had more free time to really put this server to work. But for now I'm just checking in to see how it's doing. I'm glad to see this server is still running.


I'm glad this server is still running. It's hard to find more time to write about stuff and make web pages with them.


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