Proto-dev log

I have a long term goal of writing a video game. But as I write this in March of 2019 I would consider my programming knowledge very much “barely existing”. I mean by own standards that’s what I would consider it.

I did go through a Udemy course on JavaScript. It was kind of a “learn JavaScript through programming the classics” referring to games. And it largely succeeded in that goal as I do in fact know a lot more now then I did before I started the course. Not sure I could write a game on my own or even modify the basic scaffolding of a game I created through the course but I do know significantly more than I did before the course.

Since then I started a NodeJS course. I actually started it then paused a bit to try and learn Jekyll properly. I had this whole other plan involving my own site and hosting etc. But that was taking too long so I have put the Jekyll thing on the back burner, setup this free wordpress account to host my content instead and would like to go back to learning NodeJS. Except while I had the course on pause the author revved the course version to v3 which reset my progress. Not that big of a deal since I hadn’t made it that far. But I feel like I have re-watch the videos to make sure I get any changes that have happened between course and node versions.

I actually have something of a brain storm document I started a while back on the game itself. I don’t feel like publishing that or going into detail on the game quite yet.

As a goal I would like to successfully write some smaller games and get a lot more programming practice under my belt before I even think about publishing details.

I can only hope when I post a blog entry in 12 months it will contain something about a prototype for a game and how much better and programming I have become.

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