The Arcade Cab Project Part 3: Constructing the control panel part 2

This is a continuation of my multi-part series about my arcade project about about the – as of now – hypothetical arcade cab project (and definitely not decent into madness). This hilariously part 2 of a thing that’s a part 3 of a thing.

Where to start…

I did come up with an idea of mounting this controller PCB inside of something else that I could work on relatively easily and use like an actual arcade controller for testing. Which would then be relatively easy to adapt to the actual case. And I came with what I think is a solution to this: the outside frame of an old VHS drawer. These drawers are quite common and very cheap (as you can imagine).

Analog 3D Joystick
What analog sticks are made of (stock photo instead of my own photography)

Additional links
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Arcade Project, part 2
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