Hyper-V 2019: Installing a second server, drivers included (throwback)

July 2021: Below is a blog post I wrote and re-wrote several times over the past 18 months at least. I have since decided to go in a different direction with hypervisors and the purpose of the this spare/old core i7. I've decided to publish this anyway as-is for reference in the future. And a … Continue reading Hyper-V 2019: Installing a second server, drivers included (throwback)

The Arcade Cab Project Part 2: Parts and components

This is a continuation the prior post about about the - as of now - hypothetical arcade cab project. I thought I should start listing some details of the "Mark I" as listed in part I. This project was largely inspired by a few posts on the /r/cade subreddit. It looked relatively easy and I … Continue reading The Arcade Cab Project Part 2: Parts and components

Extracting drivers from Windows

Since about 2014 (as I write this late-2019) I started buying these incredibly low-end and low-priced Intel Atom-based devices. There was something about a device running windows and coming in under $100 that never failed to fascinate me (actually I got a non-windows Atom device for around $45, as a novelty). Let me stop here … Continue reading Extracting drivers from Windows

R520 Hyper-V 2019: News and updates (Late Nov 2019)

I mentioned in my prior post (updates to that post below) I had to re-install the Hyper-V server OS. This did indeed go smoothly and has worked since then. The main problem I have with the OS this time is very intermittent errors with connecting to it with Hyper-V manager. Server Manager works, WAC works … Continue reading R520 Hyper-V 2019: News and updates (Late Nov 2019)

R520 Hyper-V 2019: Lets try this again

After being very frustrated with the performance of the combination of virtual machines and my drive pool, I decided to re-install Hyper-V server 2019. Before doing so however I decided it would be a good idea to go through and record some settings in case I needed to go back to a prior configuration. It … Continue reading R520 Hyper-V 2019: Lets try this again

R520 Hyper-V 2019: Well that was fun

After spending I don't know how long on various adventures through first setting up Hyper-V 2019 on the server then further adventures of properly configuring networking on the server I've come to the conclusion the performance of the virtual machines is not good enough. I went through several iterations of what I'm loosely calling "benchmarks" … Continue reading R520 Hyper-V 2019: Well that was fun

Hyper-V 2019: The v-switchening

This is a follow up post to my several prior posts about both Hyper-V 2019 as an OS, using the Hyper-V hypervisor for virtualization and my server hardware of choice, the Dell R520. I have a summary and conclusions clarifying the things I learned as I wrote this post at the bottom. Any corrections/comments etc … Continue reading Hyper-V 2019: The v-switchening

Folder junction, what’s your function

Classic For the record I am in fact not old enough to get that reference. The reference to the folder junction what's your function not to the Captain America meme specifically because that what's-your-function thing..is..from...a..70s...forget it. I've been planning to have my own emulation setup for a long time now. Actually made quite a lot … Continue reading Folder junction, what’s your function

Windows auto-installing: background and introduction

Note: the below was written and left in a draft state nearly six months ago. It's probably a better idea to delete it and write something from scratch. Instead, I'm just going to post it. It's a little background on my prior windows automated installation experience. Also this entirely about XP/2003. This project is indirectly … Continue reading Windows auto-installing: background and introduction