Folder junction, what’s your function

Classic For the record I am in fact not old enough to get that reference. The reference to the folder junction what's your function not to the Captain America meme specifically because that what's-your-function it. I've been planning to have my own emulation setup for a long time now. Actually made quite a lot … Continue reading Folder junction, what’s your function

Windows auto-installing: background and introduction

Note: the below was written and left in a draft state nearly six months ago. It's probably a better idea to delete it and write something from scratch. Instead, I'm just going to post it. It's a little background on my prior windows automated installation experience. Also this entirely about XP/2003. This project is indirectly … Continue reading Windows auto-installing: background and introduction

advib part 2: dissection

This is the second part of a multi-part entry about a utility I wrote called advib. You can find the prior part (and eventual 3 or more parts) as well as any other advib-related entries under the advib tag. This is where I will try and dissect exactly how advib works, possibly line-by-line. The program … Continue reading advib part 2: dissection