So you’re telling me there’s a tilde (Meta #2)

This title is a not-so-subtle reference to a movie. Try to guess which one. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

The blog is still a young and it via me (or me via it?) is still finding its identity and format. I think as long as I keep making new posts and seeing where it goes it will eventually find this ambiguous “identity”.

As I write this, Meta #1 was just published 3 days ago but really I had been working on it in between all the other posts for quite a while. So by the time it finally made it to publicly view-able it was borderline out of date. Or just out of date.

For instance since I had just started with the blog when I started that entry I didn’t know what my commitment level would be or if I would eventually decide to upgrade my WP account past the free account. Then around the time the post did public-publish I had already upgraded to a premium account.

Speaking of which, I’ve mapped the domain I’ve had since 2014 to my WP blog:

All it really does is forward to the WP generated URL anyway. But I’m glad all those places I left links to the URL actually work again.

The other thing I was contemplating “way back then” when I was working on Meta #1 was the possibility of taking advantage of WP advertisements.

Right now I’m still firmly in the “no” camp on that for a few reasons. Like not having visitors for instance. That’s a fairly obvious reason not to bother. But besides that I’m not really making the blog for anyone. I’m just writing for myself because I like writing stuff. And by that I mean I am going to keep writing and generating content regardless of apparent traffic and popularity of the blog. Because the blog is for me. Edit: just “connected” my blog to my twitter account. This may be contradictory to the prior paragraph, I’m not sure. I’m still writing for me I just thought of exercising the option. But I don’t really know what connect my blog to my twitter actually does either. I’ll find out once further posts start publishing.

I mean besides that I don’t have to have to worry about sponsor friendly content. I don’t want to have to worry about the thing all those YouTubers are going through right now. Losing their livelihood because all-of-a-sudden the sponsors funding the whole operation have an opinion on what their brands are associated with.

Which isn’t to say there will ever be any terribly offensive content on this blog. Just that it’s one less thing to worry about. And I don’t have any traffic anyway so those sponsor can keep their 10 cents every 24 months. It would be nice be able to break even on the domain registration and WP account though.

Also as I write this I have 12 entries publish and 11 entries “scheduled” to be published. This is a functionality I don’t think I’ve ever used previously: create an entry then “schedule to publish” the entry for some date in the future. I’ve never utilized it as an option but I am now fully embracing it.

It does make coordination on a few things kind of difficult. For instance I don’t think I can schedule the line of an entry published now to link to an entry not scheduled for several weeks.

This is on my mind right now for one of my main areas of concerns and big projects: dissection and re-write of my utility advib is PowerShell: I’ve scheduled the 3-part series to be published at the end of May – which can be changed at any time – but I can’t directly link to any of those scheduled posts until they are actually published. I mean even if I just created the link to what the permalink will eventually be the link would be broken until that time it is published.

I think I could publish them but password protect the posts. That way I could link to them but nobody could see the content until I deemed it ready. I may be too lazy to bother trying to that.

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