The Dennis Miller Ratio (Meta #3)

Not sure why I was thinking of this reference recently. Sometimes stuff like this gets stuck in my head.

The only thing I’m thinking about right now is how I can ramp up the content of the blog.

I have almost 15 years or possibly 15 years of back content from prior blogs and notes I’ve taken in Google docs on varying interests. I could take this back content and convert into posts for this blog. Maybe call the old blog posts “tilde classics”.

I could probably schedule out an auto-post 3 times a week for the next two years if I wanted to. This task would take at least a week to complete if I wasn’t doing anything else.

But I’m not sure I actually want to do that: for one thing with all these posts updating my blog for me would it detract from my motivation of writing new stuff? I guess probably not. I’ve stayed motivated this long.

The other reason is how well the content would transfer between theme changes. If they even would transfer between themes. I mean if I changed themes and then had to adjust some bit of formatting and ended up having to do that manually on all the posts. That would be ridiculously time consuming changing all those posts. That’s just a theory though, I don’t know if that would ended up being a thing.

I do think I should better organize the layout of the site and make sure it works and looks the way I want before I go delivering out a ridiculous amount of content on to it.

For some reason all the theorizing on my content has made me start to think about both wanting to have a content license notice for the site and needing a way – preferably automated – to backup the content on the site. Maybe mirror it to github repo. Kind of a full circle to my original idea around using a github-based site for the blog. I don’t know how or if that work.

I also started to think about participating in the “100 days of code” thing. For this I also would create the posts ahead of time scheduled to auto-publish once day for the 100 days straight. Then I could just update that days information on coding and let the schedule take care of it. Right?

I would probably need the actual coding done as well. Right? Minor detail.

This seems like a good deal of content to me. Between the back content, the google docs and the 100 days of code I could have this blog really humming along. I mean I don’t have reason to think someone would actually be visiting the site. I’m just saying it would be pretty full content in relative short order.

As it turns out there are a number of ways to back up the blog but the articles I found either a) assume I’m hosting it myself and/or b) assume I have access to all the available WordPress plugins. But I am not hosting it myself and I only have the “premium” plan so no plugins for me. Fortunately in the “Admin” area of the blog I found an easy free export option to some special XML format for wordpress. I downloaded that.

For those that have a similar “premium” or lower blog, you can find the export feature by going to the “WP Admin” section then under “tools” is an “export” where there are two options to choose from: paid backup and a free XML backup.

It would be nice to be able to export this kind of thing automatically on a regular basis. It seems like studying the HTML and JS it would possible to figure something like that out. With wget or something. I don’t know.

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