100 days of code: Day 15

I am tracking notes on PowerShell in PS1 files on my git hub repository. You can see all 100 days of code entries on the blog category page.

Today I finally finished chapter 10. I mean I had like a page and a half left. Leave to me to stretch a few paragraphs over multiple days of “coding”.

There were some interesting extra bits in there though about objects and things. Wasn’t a total loss. Not even sure why I found the formatting chapter in particular so apparently torturous.

Now I just have to work on the lab question. Oh.

Did anybody notice bit Dungeon III got released? Did anybody else know bit Dungeon III was even in development?? That’s not related to coding. I just kind of want to play
bit Dungeon III now instead of learning PowerShell. It’s fine though. I can wait.

It’s a PC game. On steam. bit Dungeon III. bit Dungeon II is awesome.

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