The Good news and the Bad News (Meta #5)

I got home from work last night around 9:00 to a house sitting 85 degrees F. That’s hot in case you couldn’t tell. So apparently my AC is out. I opened some windows, turned on some ceiling fans and left a box fan in one of the windows over night to cool it off. And it was low 70s by the time I woke up.

So that’s the bad news. The bad news is my AC is out. The bad news is also that I can’t exactly work on my server in combination with my 5 x 10TB HDDs I got while I was at Defcon for a week. Because it’s hard enough keeping the R520 cool never mind when the house is already 85. I could work on it for an hour or two at like 5am. But who wants to do that? Nobody. That’s who.

So ya, actually two things qualify as bad news. At least two things.

Good news? Lets see. If this was going to be a typical weekend I’d likely end up wasting it anyway. I’d do a couple things with the server, I’d watch too much TV and I would accomplish very little of substance. But instead this time I’ll stay out of the house. I’ll take my shiny new Lenovo laptop to Starbucks or whatever and I’ll spend the day there. Or I’ll go to yard sales, utilizing my car’s AC.

So the good news is I’ll be out of the house and doing a lot more reading and blog contributing than I otherwise would be. I mean if you can call that good news.

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