Severely Rutted (Meta #7)

The past two or three months I’ve felt like I was locked into week-after-week pattern. Going to work coming home, every day exactly the same with the most minimum of variation. And actually the weekends were largely the same: just a repeat every single time.

I had been committed to finishing two TV shows (Starget SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis) before I’d finally move on and do something I more productive or at least more fun. And I did finally finish the two shows. Only I haven’t really moved on all that much.

I have barely even touched the R520 since November even though that is when I installed the upgraded processor. I don’t have a good reason for this other than the sheer frustration level of working with Hyper-V server and associated drive pools.

Trying to figure that out is roughly equivalent to bashing my head against a wall over and over again.

This isn’t like the frustration of trying to learn a programming language or a program/concept like GIT.

This is a variation on that kind of frustration. It’s the kind of frustration that documentation only sort of explains and many examples that might work but usually don’t usually because they’re intended for use in a different context. For instance managing a Hyper-V server is usually explained in the context of a large enterprise utilizing a domain and many Windows server in many different roles alongside mirrors, iSCSI and backup solutions. I can try to use some of those PowerShell commands on my lowly single server workgroup but it’s not going to be that easy and it’s not exactly easy to fix if a command doesn’t work.

I guess I just needed a break for the figurative head-into-wall-bashing for a little while. But I’ll go back to it eventually. I mean I assume so considering the mount spent on hardware to upgrade it.

When I was done with the show I mentioned I also started playing a couple different games. One was Uncharted 4 (which I posted a review of) and the other is the PC version of Cities: Skylines. The first time I played Cities was last year, not bothering with an mods or plugins. This time I went probably over the top with the mods and plugins. I’ve put a lot of time into it and made a lot of progress but I’m starting to remember why I stopped bothering to play it.

I’m not sure what sent me into this funk nor am I sure exactly how to navigate out of it. I have committed myself to finishing the arcade cab project this year. Finish it or shelve it indefinitely by the end of calendar year 2020. But even that hasn’t made me that enthusiastic. I’m hoping once we get to the hour forward time change in march I’ll at least be able to get some regular exercise after work and maybe use power tools and stuff since there will be daylight.

There is one thing I think I managed to accomplish recently though: I decided my current home desk situation had gone on long enough and I wanted to go back to a regular desk with the option of standing.

The computer desk I have now is from Ikea from more than 10 years ago. It’s a very simple four retracting legs adjustable height thing that I really don’t have any complaints about, at least not normally.

Over the past 10+ years I’ve gone through several stages of trying to keep myself active while spending hours in front of the computer: at one point I was using a rubber-ball-based chair to try and stay active, then it was a stand up only sort of a thing and most recently I’ve been sitting on something of a stool with the desk relatively high up. It has been quite uncomfortable though.

So I decided I would set the desk back to a normal desk height and buy one of those sit-stand stations so I can sit comfortably in an actual chair but still have the option of standing if I wanted to.

To adjust the height of this desk I have to go each individual leg and adjust it manually. First loosen it, then adjust to the height I want – luckily they have some numbered marks on them – then tighten them back in. This isn’t that easy even without weight on the desk never mind with weight. Took me way too long to decide to move everything off the desk.

And I’m not sure if it’s because the desk is old or just poor quality but the stupid legs were having a lot of trouble tightening into place. That’s kind of important. I don’t want to put multiple thousands of dollars worth of computer and screens onto a desk and have one leg decided to retract several inches suddenly and randomly.

It must have taken 2+ hours but I finally got the desk to the right height (I had to re-adjust at least 3 times) and the legs tightened into place. I was sweating pretty good by time I was done. Even then I decided to leave the sit-stand station and some other random items as weight on the desk over night to try and be sure the thing wasn’t going to collapse.

Unfortunately this the dual screen mount I have uses this screw-in clamps with big loops to tighten them in and run directly into the cross-supports of the sit-stand station. Which means I can’t lower the sit-stand all the way down. Even now with desk low enough it almost runs into my knees the screens seem too high for comfort. The sit-stand is also really thin making it difficult to fully tighten the clamps. Not impossible, just difficult. So i addition to being too high the screens are off center.

The screens being too high could be resolved by actually standing at the desk. That’s the main advantage and option of a sit-stand after all: having the option to stand. I’d like the option to sit though.

Update: after writing the above I came home and tried again to setup the dual screen mount: this time I was able to position the clamps in such a way I can lower the sit-stand all the way down. Just took some experimenting with the positioning.

I also forgot to mention my internet seems to be going out intermittently. It seems to be at specific times in the afternoon and only and weekdays (it’s President’s Day so I had the day off). I have also noticed a van with a communications company name on the side of it during those same times in the neighborhood. I have a suspicion whatever that communications company is doing is what is interrupting my internet. Not enough evidence for a correlation/causation perhaps but it is a pretty big coincidence. I would call Comcast and ask but I doubt I would get someone on the phone capable of comprehending the thing I’m asking.

So that’s there where I am now. I have made a few posts for that arcade project – two of them still in planning stages – and that has got me a little enthusiastic. But as it stands really I’ve got the two projects kind of stagnated at them moment. Hopefully I’ll come out of it.

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