Game Review: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Steam)

Title Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Platform: Steam / Windows
Available on OS: Windows
Genre:first person shooter, shooter, FPS, puzzle, action
Game number:5 of 1005 steam games (< 1%)
Date completed:July 2020 (also 2013)

Summary review: A very good experience overall. Highly recommended.
Graphics: If you told me this came out in 2020 I’d believe it
Music: With my headphones with virtual surround sound this game sounds great
Controls: Keyboard and mouse works perfectly for me, no flaws
Replayability: I had a lot of fun with this in 2013 and it was just as fun in 2020. So I would say this is the definition of “re-playable”.
Total score: 99 / 100 – I absolutely love this game. It’s entirely too short, it seems unfinished in parts, and it’s way too easy. And the plot is incoherent. The plot part isn’t bad. I mean it’s called “blood dragon”. You were expecting a plot? None of these things matter because of the ending. The ending is all that matters.

In case it’s not clear: this game is standalone; no Far Cry 3 required for play.

As soon as I saw the trailer for this game I knew I wanted it. And it did not disappoint. I don’t remember if I played it more than once in 2013 but I think I set it to medium difficulty and it took 10 or 11 hours that first time. If it matters, I still haven’t played Far Cry 3.

This time (in 2020) I set it to hardest difficulty and it only took around 8 hours. I assume that is related to being slightly better at it from the prior play through.

Walked right into that one

As the trailer implies, this game is quite an homage to the B-movies of the 1980s. Slick one liners, incoherent plots, lots of over-the-the-top violence, a training montage set to a power ballad…it all screams ’80s. Also, the main character’s name is Rex “Power” Colt.

The story – such as it is – takes place in the “not too distant future” of 2007. Then there’s something about a rogue general, some cyber commandos, nuking Canada to prevent a Russian invasion…like I said we’re not here for plot we’re here to shoot some cyborgs in the face and make hilarious remarks about not being ahead.

Oh and then there’s the Blood Dragons. The first time you see the blood dragon…holy crap. Those are some scary creatures that you and your three health bars can be quite paranoid about.

The start of the game is kind of slow because there’s some mandatory things you have to make it through alongside a sub-zero looking guy controlled by the game AI. Actually there’s a rather hilarious sequence with a tutorial that is incredibly condescending and too basic (to look around: look around) and the character breaks the fourth wall by saying “I HATE TUTORIALS!!”. And the tutorial does go out of its way to be as annoying and unskippable as humanly possible constantly popping up new info screens.

Eventually you’re set free to wander the island and take over garrisons (or not) at your leisure. There are only about 8 actual story missions which you can do at any time and any level.

This is where one of the few complaints comes in: the length. The thing is you can finish this game at level 18 quite easily. So you can imagine the experience of finishing the game at the max level of 30. And gameplay wise the ending is almost like a watchable experience. I mean you’re still playing and technically you can die but you have the over-powered weapon at that point and really it’s just about blowing stuff up by then. I mean more than usual.

I love the neon/constant darkness contrast, that the blood dragons kill everyone indiscriminately, and that a thing can be named an acronym that works out to BADASS. I love literally everything about this game. Which is why I still want more of it even now, seven years later.

And by the way, just to re-iterate, best ending ever.

Seriously. My first play through initial reaction: what the f*ck is this?
Literally one second later Rex says: What the hell is this?

It will make sense when you get to that point. Nailed it ubisoft. Nailed it.


Method of control used 360 gamepad
Controllable via both one analog stick or digital four-way (“HAT”) n/a
Hardware requirements: n/a
Supports 21:9 aspect ratio screens?n/a
Device(s) tried on 90% through TV
TVregular old 1080p, nothing special
Initial setup required Just UPlay account juggling
Sound setup5.1 surround system/receiver
Total time to completion~8 hours
difficulty levelhardest difficulty
Random assortment of meta data

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