My risky scheme and lack of commitment (Meta #9)

It’s been a while since my last meta post and in general and only partially related this blog may be at a turning point.

That’s pretending for a moment anyone actually read this blog. Yes, lets all pretend.

A few things have changed since that faithful meta post about scratch programming. For one thing I stopped trying to program with scratch. Maybe I stopped too soon.

A few things happened in real life. I spent probably the equivalent of what I spent on my car trying to repair my car. I drove for 15 hours straight up to Washington state. Not in that order necessarily. Washington state on 4th of July is like a foreign country, for the record. Living in a very dry, very hot place as I do seeing everybody able to buy and fire off those mortar fireworks with apparently no regulation or training or anything seemed quite strange to me. Or foreign then, whatever.

The real reason I wanted to write this meta is brainstorm how much I want to do an idea I came up with. The idea was to start a new series of posts around game reviews. The “twist” or “hook” if you can call it that is the game reviews are series called “reviews in a lunch break”.

I live a mere three minute drive from my work place ya see and I take an hour lunch break. I could spend at least 55 minutes playing a particular game almost five days a week if not five days a week. In theory. So I could in theory play a game a day over my lunch break and with an adequate paragraph explaining as much post a review based on that experience.

The main reasons for this would be mainly to work my way through my steam game collection. And I’m referring to the relatively small/short games, not something GTA IV or whatever.

For instance I have a game called 64. It’s not much more than a rhythm game with dots come from different directions. I think I could get the gist in 55 minutes. Then perhaps after work write up a paragraph or two on my thoughts on it.

I would write a ton of these posts ahead of time and schedule them out for the future. Like one or two posts a week. Once I got to 50 or whatever written posts they’d start posting themselves to the blog. I would have content auto-posting for a year or so if I did once a week. And what else do I really want to do on lunch breaks, anyway?

I haven’t actually decided if I really want to do this or not. I do feel like I need to thoroughly document my steam game collection. Pick out which games are worth re-visiting and which are trash. Again keeping in mind these would be the shorter or puzzles games like 64, 1982 or 10,000,000 as opposed to the ones that haven’t even hit the title card at the hour mark. Perhaps I will reserve the right to come back to games I like especially to do a more thorough review.

Well after writing all that I’m still not sure I really want to work on it or not. I suppose I would have to come up with a list of games ahead of time. And an easy post template for the review. A way to motivate myself to really follow through on the review part after work.

In other news after about 18 months of either ignoring or suffering with my R520 Hyper-V server I decided to instead move to a different VM host that isn’t such a pain in the ass to even connect to and manage. And it seems like a lot of money to spend just to leave it sitting idle any longer. So I switched to Proxmox. I haven’t really set anything up with it yet, just installed the OS itself. It was pretty easy to get going and configure though. There’s still a few things I don’t understand and need to figure out. But I think I’m impressed.

Now I just have to write another post about the conversion of the R520. And I guess my methods of Windows 10 auto-installing I’ve learned over the past 8 or so months. Probably should have done that one a long time ago.

The only real thing else is my desire to work through some much longer term game series. For instance I played through The Last Us Remastered then immediately afterwards The Last of Us Part II. My next idea was to play through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition which is the original trilogy of games. Well I finished the first game and am still playing through the second game. After that I was leaning towards the TellTale Walking Dead adventure games because I remember liking the first two seasons so much. Since there was an all-in-one-disc collection for PS4 I found I thought “why not”? Unless some other game gets in the way of those plans.

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