10 December 2014

Made my response on the tilde club Sys Ops list and made it on to the "other tildes" list. 
Thanks to that I finally have a few more members (and welcome to them!).

I am planning to redesign this page. I wish I had realized the "pre" tag could be used 
for web design a lot sooner. Of course now I know a little more HTML I don't have any 
excuse to do it that way.

More importantly, I'm also planning to write a full featured walkthrough on creating 
an appropriate private/public key pair in windows using "puttygen". Keep an eye out 
for that. I'll also be making a list of installed and currently avaialbe programs installed. 

More long term I'll set up local-box email, IRC and other things like that.

14 November 2014

Made live today and ready for new members.


	Tildesare.cool is a clone of tilde.club, created by Paul ford.

	Paul wrote an article on Medium explaning his thinking and reasoning around its creation. 

	Tides are cool was created with the intention of a fun, creative learning enviornment and of 
	course as what I am calling a "retro nostalgia" experiment with static HTML pages and a
	shell account. 

	If you would lke to sign up as a beta tester please fill out this form.. 
        I only have a few things left to prepare before I consider ready for regular users (setting 
        up a disk quota for each user and finishing the SKEL directory structure, for instance).

General Waiver

	This site was setup by purchasing the domain then creating a bare minimum Linux VM with EC2 
	on the "free tier". It can/will disapear at any time for any or no reason without warning.
	Please don't use this as a back up for important information or anything that can be
	remotely intepreted as "malicious" (and there's no "hypacratic oath" wiggle room either).

	Since I'm footing the bill entirely I can revoke accounts at my own discretion.

	Just be helpful and not a jerk and no one will have any problems.

Current memebers:

        I borrowed heavily from protocol.club for the design of this page (I hope he/she/they do not mind).

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You can contact me on Google+ and twitter

For now, you can reach me by email at tildesare (dot) cool-at-g-mail-dot-com. I assume you can decipher that :)