100 days of code: Day 6

For reasons I won’t go into I didn’t make as much progress today as I wish I had. It seems, despite even writing a blog post about my “git workflow” my git workflow managed to fail me somehow. I really thought I had “pushed” my changes before leaving home but having not double checked the actual repository on github apparently the changes didn’t show up.

Chapter 8 is much more of a conceptual chapter anyway. I think I could skip it entirely notes-wise and not really miss anything. But since I set out to be totally and utterly thorough and that means all the chapters that is what I’m going to do.


Well alright apparently I didn’t properly schedule the publish time for this post so it went up earlier than I wanted.

And also when i got home I opened VSCode and tried to push the changes and it came back “no changes to commit”. So I had to add some random spaces in so I had some changes to commit to try to push again and this time when I checked github the changes were there. No idea what happened.

Meanwhile I had taken all the notes in a different file on my laptop for later merging. Yes, I had left the house to do my daily note taking at a coffee shop instead of at home as usual. And I was going to see Endgame. Which I did at 7pm. I must have been at the coffee shop for about 4 hours or so. Something like that I don’t know.

I finish the chapter though. Well not all the lab questions but the chapter.

And as I suspected it was largely conceptual. I did learn a few things about how the language works. And I am starting to think PS is sort of .NET CLI interface along with the other ways to access some other underlying Windows things. And I can see the potential in it too extending it. I’m just assuming there are other options I’ll learn about later like various kinds of loops and conditions. It’d be pretty weird if it didn’t.

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