100 days of code: Day 8

I am tracking notes on PowerShell in PS1 files on my git hub repository. You can see all 100 days of code entries on the blog category page.

Took an unplanned break from book learning yesterday but I’m back at it today.

Well I was perhaps overly optimistic. All I managed to do is make it through the chapter 8 lab questions. So tomorrow I will start on chapter 9.

At least this way the day of code matches up to the chapter number. Not sure if that’s good or bad. Anyway, it may not be much progress but it did take me a long time and and I did learn a lot when I misinterpreted one of the lab questions.

By the way I think I said this before but I actually kind of like the pipeline system in PS now. I think I even have a title for the entry. I probably put too much emphasis on titles.

In any even I will link it when I put up a separate entry about PS all about pipelines and kind of re-organizing my thoughts in general on PS.

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