100 days of code: Day 28

I am tracking notes on PowerShell in PS1 files on my git hub repository. You can see all 100 days of code entries on the blog category page.

Today I actually did get through chapter 12. All 3 1/2 pages of it. It simply walks through the process of working through the solution to a specific scenario using multiple methods of searching the help system and then finally the PS equivalent of aptitude.

Once the command is found and installed the cmdlet itself is used to figure out how to run it to complete the task. There’s also a little section about working through problems and not getting discouraged. This part I didn’t need as someone who has gone through a number of scenarios with Linux. Compared to that PS is relatively benign. Maybe not easy, but at least the chances of inadvertently completely crippling the window manager seem slightly less likely. But hey night is still young…

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