100 days of code: Day 29

I am tracking notes on PowerShell in PS1 files on my git hub repository. You can see all 100 days of code entries on the blog category page.

Today I finished reading chapter 13 and going through with highlighting. Tomorrow I start on the note taking part and hopefully the lab as well.

Chapter 13 starts on executing commands on remote computers. Which is both exciting and not exciting at at the same time. Exciting because I can think of lots of things I would use that for to make my life easier and not exciting because not having a domain I don’t know if I will be able to set that up locally nor do I know if PS remoting is enabled on my work’s network devices. So it’s exciting in theory but if I can’t do anything related to it in practice that kind of drains the enthusiasm out of it.

By the way this is day 2 without any playing of Diablo 3. I’m counting that as a good thing.

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