100 days of code: Day 38

I am tracking notes on PowerShell in PS1 files on my git hub repository. You can see all 100 days of code entries on the blog category page.

It might be time to re-mention that I’m doing something of a continuation of a goal I had way back on day 33: going through and re-visiting all the chapters one by one and taking really brief and concise notes of chapter as I went. Well I didn’t end up doing that all in one day as I’m still doing it a week later.

My actual goal was to do what I did for chapter 8 today (skim over quickly taking minimal notes) for the whole of chapters 1 – 13 in on day then do some kind of free-form brainstorming on how this could be applied. Anyway I’m still going week a later..

Today I made it entirely through chapter 8: objects.

If it didn’t make it so confusing this might be the single greatest chapter about PS objects ever. Only it is overly confusing. Even skimming over (having read through at least twice already) it as I did over the past hour or so I think I actually learned from it even now.

I can’t believe I still on this same thing 38 days in. Can’t believe it in the sense that I haven’t given up after 38 days and moved on to python or node.js leaving this PS book on a shelf to collect still more dust…and can’t believe it in the sense it feels like I’ve been in the same place in the book for a really long time. But I assume it only feels that way.

I’d like to believe this book in a book holder will become something of a permanent fixture here on my desk. I mean I’ll just keep doing this in some sense or another in perpetuity. I’d like to believe that anyway.

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