100 days of code: Day 39

I am tracking notes on PowerShell in PS1 files on my git hub repository. You can see all 100 days of code entries on the blog category page.

This is a continuation of a goal I had way back on day 33: going through and re-visiting all the chapters one by one and taking really brief and concise notes of chapter as I went. Well I didn’t end up doing that all in one day as I’m still doing it a week later.

Once done I was going to do some kind of free-form stream-of-consciousness brainstorm (is that redundant? I don’t think so) on how I can use what I have learned so far in specific relation to my utility, advib as well as a few other things I got “rolling around”.

Which probably I’ll still do. Just have no idea on the time frame any more.

As for progress I made it roughly half through chapter 9: pipeline parameter binding. Well so far. I’m trying to limit my time at a stretch on studying. I could come back tonight.

And yes, pipeline parameter binding is at least as exciting as it sounds.

Instead of attempting the rest of chapter 9 tonight I think I’m going to work on the dissection of my utility, advib, as currently sits: this is a blog entry I currently working on but haven’t published since it isn’t finished.

Dissecting source code – even if it is your source code and that source is a CMD batch file – is still a form of “coding” after all. I mean it’s not “100 days of that stupid book” if “100 days of code”. Right?

I did post the flowchart I made to the blog when I finally finished back on Day 26. I think going through and examining the source like has actually helped me to figure how to think about how code flows in much different and expanded ways.

That’s a lot of critical thinking about code. That I have nothing to show for right now since it’s not done. Even when it is done I think it needs some editing. It’s already about 10 pages long. As measured by pushing the “page down” key.

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